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What is included in your guided fishing trips?

All of our guided fishing trips are private charter trips. Included is a state licensed fishing guide, a safe and properly equipped boat, all the rods/reels necessary for whatever type of fishing you will be doing, all tackle/bait needed, cooler of bottled water and a picture posted on our web site for bragging rights. We will also clean and bag of all your keepers.

Do I need a fishing license?

YES, you are required by the State of Texas to have a fishing license with you while fishing. You can purchase your license at most sporting good stores including Wal-Mart or at our local bait shop in GunBarrelCity, Finny Tribe 903-887-0334.You DO NOT need a license if you are under the age of 17 or if you were born BEFORE September 1, 1930. For more information, regulations or to purchase your license please click here.

Do I need my own fishing gear?

No, We will provide all gear needed for the trip. You may bring your own if you like though.

Who works for and who will be my guide?

Chuck and Laurie Rollins own and started the company many years ago. We also have several other loyal and professional guides who work with us full time, year round (Chuck, Colt, Dakota, Sean, Kenny, Nick and Kory). When you call you will most likely be greeted by Laurie or Allissa. We take pride in our & guide family and know you will enjoy every part of your experience with us.

Do you provide or allow drinks & food?

We do provide cold bottled water on the boat. You may bring snacks, any drinks you prefer. You may also bring a small cooler for anything additional you might want. NO GLASS containers please.

Do you guarantee catching fish?

YES, we do GUARANTEE you will catch fish and have a great time on your trip, however, If we recommend rescheduling your trip for any reason (rain, high winds, dangerous conditions, poor fishing) and you still want to go despite our recommendations, we cannot guarantee fish. There are always tough days, of course, but we generally catch some even on the toughest days.

Will you guarantee a limit?

No! Limits are often caught but never guaranteed. Fishing patterns can change by the hour. Although the limit is generous, it does not represent the average daily catch. Each angler's experience and skill level can also play a role in how many fish you take home. More experienced anglers will generally loose less fish and miss less bites therefore putting more fish in boat. It is all about experiencing the most fun possible. We won't hound you too much about missing fish.

Do you fish with jigs or minnows?

BOTH, we are avid jig fishermen but we are not about to pass up the opportunity to see a customer catch fish if it takes minnows to do this...

Do you clean the fish?

YES, we will fillet the fish and put the fillets in zip-lock bags ready to freeze. There is no additional cost for this service, no matter how many fish you have.

What if the weather is bad?

If your guide deems it necessary to cancel your fishing trip because of bad weather your reservation fee is transferable to your rescheduled date. However, if you decide to cancel/reschedule your trip because the weather man says it's going to be too hot, too cold, rain or high wind then you forfeit your reservation fee. We have learned not to cancel trips in advance because of what the weather man says. In most cases we can wait out a thunder storm and/or find calm waters to fish in with high winds. If we do agree to cancel the trip then your reservation fee will be transferable but not refundable.

Do you offer discounts?

When I offer discounts it will be on my web site or sent out in our email newsletter.

Customer cancellation or reschedule policy on trips.

We require a 10 day notice prior to your scheduled fishing trip reservation to transfer your reservation fee. If you have to cancel without 10 days notice, we will move your trip without loss of reservation fee if we can rebook the date you were scheduled for. We will turn down request for your date to honor your reservation; therefore there are NO refunds on any reservation fees.

Reservation Fee=$150 minimum. Reservation fee due at the time you book your fishing trip. Multi boat reservations require 50% down at booking. Reservation fee is nonrefundable. Any cancellation/reschedules 24 hours prior to trip date will be charged in full. No exceptions.

Insurance Waiver Form

We require all parties to complete our insurance and liability waiver form. You can download this form and have it ready in advance of your trip.

We used this trip as a customer outing and they loved it. We and a great trip Thanks for a great experience. will be back. Bob

- Koethe -

Our trip was great.The 3 of us had a blast fishing even in very windy conditions.You are one of the best, courteous and knowledgeable guides Iv'e had the pleasure to fish with.Always offering tips.

- Bubba Hackett -

A HUGE THANK YOU to you guys.My boys had a great time and the guide was wonderful and so awesome w/ our 3 yr old.I will be booking another trip for my husbands birthday and even Father's day.

- Gadwood -

Big crappie is the WORLDS BEST CRAPPIE GUIDE! They are professional fisherman that guarantee you catch fish they make you feel like family, not friends but familyWith warm welcoming pros at bigcrappie

- Jackson -

Would like to commend guide for how he handled the bad weather and cold occupants.Guide was so considerate and helpful even giving up both of his jackets. Our entire group wants to say thank you

- Sutton -

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the treatment of my son and I.Of course we caught fish but what really impressed me was how much time you spent teaching and just shooting bull with my son.

- Jon Boyd -