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Catching Crappie under docks


You'll think your taking candy from a baby after you discover how easy it is to load the boat with crappie, shooting docks. First of all you must understand that crappie can be found in large numbers under docks. They like docks because of the shade and cover it gives them. Docks also attract food for crappie the same way bridges do. The best way to catch crappie under these docks from a boat is to use a technique called shooting. 

First you need a 5.5– 6.5ft light to medium action rod with a closed faced or spinning reel rigged with 4-10 lb Hi-vis line and a 1/16 or 1/32 oz jig. Then I like to have enough line out so that my jig hangs down to my bottom eye on my rod. Then you’ll grab the head of the jig with the hook facing outwards. Now by pulling on the head of the jig, pull till the pole bends way back. Aim towards your target and release the jig head. You should release the jig head a slight second before you release your finger on the line. 

Now this is of course going to be tough at first but if you can master this, you can put that jig up in the darkest places under that dock. I can also assure you most fishermen can't do this therefore that puts you at a huge advantage. When you get good at this you can shoot a 1/16 oz jig and place it with accuracy under any dock, yes even the ones with only 4-6 inches of clearance. Another way I get my jig under docks is skipping it. Just like you skip a rock, all you do is cast with a little force and keep the angle as flat as possible. 

Learning these two techniques can make the difference between catching none and catching your limit of nice slabs! Good luck!